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October 2013

Rotary Billet Water pumps

Our new rotary water pumps are of CNC billet design and manufacture, featuring a 40mm reduction in size allowing more room for cooling fans or other accessory clearance.

Billet Water pump

May 2013

We have a bunch of new videos online including dyno and drag racing.

February 2013

Lotus Exige turbo

This Lotus Exige S packs a punch thanks to a switch in boost from the factory supercharged Toyota 1.8L engine to a now Garrett turbocharger. Weighing under a tonne this Lotus is a cracking street and track car all in one.

October 2012

Mazda RX3 13B rotary turbo

20B RX-7

Ross' immaculate Mazda RX3 runs into the 9s for the first time. The new car is powered by a Promaz Automotive 13B bridgeport rotary engine and aided by a Garrett turbo and MicroTech EFI. Ross has fitted an Albins gearset to the Mazda RX-7 gearbox. The RX3 was only on low boost this time out so expect the guys to run a lot quicker yet.

July 2012

20B turbo FD RX-7 street car

20B RX-7

Charles' Promaz modified FD RX-7 took on the quarter mile for the first time at Heathcote Park Raceway recently. The car features a second-hand import 20B triple rotary engine, Garrett GTX42R turbo on 12psi boost, MicroTech LX12 computer running on 98-octane unleaded. The driveline is still factory RX-7 issue.

February 2012

Aaron's RX-7 Series-8 Spirit R Type A

Modifications include:

  • Garrett TO4Z turbocharger
  • MicroTech plug in computer
  • Custom Promaz turbo manifold
  • Custom exhaust
  • Promaz V-Mount intercooler and Radiator
  • Exedy Hyper single plate clutch
  • 220kW rear wheels on 9psi (stock engine)

"Thanks to Promaz for all of your help and effort over the past eight months. The car is amazing. No doubt the best work and service in Australia"

Aaron's RX-7 Aaron's RX-7

Aaron's RX-7 Aaron's RX-7