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June 2014

We have a few new videos online including dyno and drag racing.

Daniel's recently completed immaculate ground up rebuilt Mazda RX3 street car on the dyno for the first time. Power comes from a Promaz Automotive bridge ported 13B Cosmo engine boosted by a Garrett To4Z turbo and MicroTech EFI fuel system.

Ross' Mazda RX3 launches hard on the way to low nine second passes. Power comes from a Promaz Automotive 13B rotary bridge port engine and boosted by a Garrett GT42XR turbocharger through an Albins equiped RX-7 gearbox.

Andrew's Mazda RX4 performed just one pass at Calder on Friday but that was enough to see the car run into the tens. Power comes from a Promaz bridge ported 13B engine and Garrett turbo using a MicroTech EFI fuel system on pump unleaded fuel.

October 2013

Rotary Billet Water pumps

Our new rotary water pumps are of CNC billet design and manufacture, featuring a 40mm reduction in size allowing more room for cooling fans or other accessory clearance.

Billet Water pump

May 2013

We have a bunch of new videos online including dyno and drag racing.

February 2013

Lotus Exige turbo

This Lotus Exige S packs a punch thanks to a switch in boost from the factory supercharged Toyota 1.8L engine to a now Garrett turbocharger. Weighing under a tonne this Lotus is a cracking street and track car all in one.